Concrete Forming Systems Help Mitigate Damage in Flood-Prone Areas

Aluminum concrete forming systems can make these basins possible. The wall forms can be set around the planned basin before pouring cast-in-place concrete. Not only does the plan create robust foundations and walls, but it also promotes green construction practices. For starters, these wall forms can be used up to 2,000 pours, greatly cutting costs for massive purposes like the above.

Cast-in-place concrete itself is also green thanks to waste minimization. Today’s concrete mixes are largely composed of recycled content, yet still produce hardy concrete. As the term implies, the concrete is poured into the concrete forms, which are preset as walls. Cast-in-place concrete can be transported more easily (via cement truck) than formed panels. Contractors can find these aluminum concrete wall forms for sale at Southeast manufacturers like Leco Concrete Forms & Supply.


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