When to Use Aluminum Concrete Forming Systems in Your Project and Why

Contractors use different types of formwork for their projects. Among these are steel and plywood, which are the most commonly used. However, they also use aluminum, quite popular as well because of its utility. While plywood is a common choice, it proves vulnerable to water damage and warping. Steel, on the other hand, is more durable but also more expensive than other forms. Meanwhile, aluminum boasts the advantages of being comparatively light and easy to install.

That said, how will you know when aluminum concrete forming systems are the best type to use for your project? Following are some questions that you should ask to figure it out.

Do you need a cost-effective material?

Aluminum can be used in formwork several times at a low average use-cost. Read more from this blog:


Why Use Aluminum Concrete Forming Systems in Your Construction Project

Aluminum concrete forms is a type of forming system that give construction workers easier time to pour concrete and work on retainers, crafting walls, and adornment for gardens and yards. Blocks and bricks can also be used for wall forms but aluminum concrete forms for sale offer advantages that could definitely make the job more efficient.

Provides Convenience
With aluminum concrete forms, construction workers can pour concrete easier because this system is simpler to place than blocks or bricks. They are also pre-milled with exact depths necessary for concrete structure. Safety and strength can be assured with aluminum concrete forms as well.

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Understanding Aluminum Concrete Forming Systems and Their Benefits

Most building contractors would agree that time is of the essence when it comes to their projects. Whether it is the construction of a new building or a renovation, it is important to consider the selection of proper forming systems.

There have been few choices over the years, with wood being the typical choice, but today, it is being replaced by aluminum concrete forming due to the various benefits that the latter offers.

Requires Less Labor and Hardware

Probably the biggest advantage of using aluminum concrete forming systems is that they require less hardware and labor compared to wooden forming systems. A lot of building contractors overlook the importance of choosing the right forming system for their projects, and how it affects their overall performance.

The Benefits of Using Aluminum Concrete Forms in Construction Projects

Concrete forming systems are one of the most innovative types of systems to hit the construction market. They make it much easier for construction teams to pour concrete and provide a guideline for crafting walls, retainers and adornments for yards and gardens. While some people choose to make their wall forms with blocks or bricks, there are plenty of concrete wall forms for sale that offer you plenty of benefits over traditional wall forming methods.

Simplified Process

Perhaps one of the most advantageous benefits that aluminum forms for concrete offer construction teams is that it simplifies the concrete pouring process. First of all, it doesn’t take near as long to have concrete form systems placed as it does bricks or blocks. Secondly, many aluminum forms come pre-milled at the appropriate depths needed to support the concrete structure. To top it all off, these types of concrete forms are arguably the safest and strongest way to pour concrete into a pre-made frame.

The Use of Concrete Forming Systems like Aluminum in Building Construction

Aluminum is one of the most commonly used concrete forming systems next to steel, from commercial building construction to domestic houses. It is utilized in roofing, windows, curtain walling, and partitions, among many other things. It is also used in other industries such as transportation and commerce. As aluminum experts and CEOs Heidi Brock and Paul-Henri Chevalier put it in their article contribution on metalarchitecture.com, “Highly recyclable, lightweight and durable, the metal is a key aspect of green building efforts taking place across the country and around the globe.”
Unlike other building materials that would be discarded at the end of its lifespan, aluminum can be recycled and reused while still keeping its fundamental characteristics or quality. Even coated aluminum can be recycled, prior to popular belief.

LECO Improves the Durability of Its Aluminum Concrete Forming Systems

Here at LECO, we take a lot of pride in the quality of our aluminum concrete forming systems. We try to deliver products our customers can trust, and when a chance comes to improve our product, we take it.

As a full-service company, doing repairs to our own forms has allowed us to assess what works and what doesn’t. Our daily interaction with these damaged forms provide us with the insight necessary to convert from using 4043 welding wire when manufacturing our forms to the 5356 welding wire we use now.